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Opening hours
Saturday from 10h to 18h or by appointment.


Expert evaluation

For over 30 years we have been preparing inventory and valuation of objects, furniture and paintings for inheritance and insurance purposes. We give a detailed written report including descriptions, dating and valuation.

For reasons of confidentiality we do not give references, but they are numerous, whether notaries, insurers or private individuals and whether in connection with small flats,  houses or chateaux.

For antique paintings, we seek help, if necessary, from an internationally recognised expert. We do not value jewellery, weapons or old books. Nevertheless, we can recommend experts specialising in these fields .

When needed we can provide help to manage the division of family estates. Following on from the division of estates we buy furniture, objects and paintings that nobody wants to keep. Even when not involved with the estate we are always interested in buying items that you wish to sell.