Shop open on Saturday from 10am to 18pm or by appointment .


Opening hours
Saturday from 10h to 18h or by appointment.



Most of our items are bought from private individuals in Belgium. Carrying out valuations ​​for old Belgian family estates regularly leads to our buying some objects. We have the advantage of often being able to buy from the family of the original owner. In addition, our reputation and our contacts mean that we are known by many people be it collectors, old families, amateurs or simply people who want to sell antiques they no longer like or want.

We do not favour quantity but the quality and authenticity of what we buy. All this is done in confidence and with discretion.

We are generalists which is why we buy a little of everything . But not everything and anything! Our favourite period is the eighteenth and early nineteenth century. But you could also find us with seventeenth or early twentieth century objects. It depends on what we find in private houses.

Benoît specialises more in furniture and tableware, Sebastian in gold and silverware, porcelain and paintings.

You will find :

- 18c Belgian oak furniture

- Marquetry furniture (French  18c - Charles X)

- 18 and 19c glassware (Liège - Vonêche - Zoude)

- 18 and 19c porcelain (East India Company - China - Tournai - Brussels - Paris)

- Gold and silverware (18 - 19c - Belgian - French)

- Display cabinet objects

- Clocks and time pieces

- Paintings (17 to 20c - Belgian)

- Chandeliers

- Sculptures (18 to 20c - wood - bronze - French - Belgian)

But also more unusual items : fireplaces - staircases - woodwork - ...

In order to keep stock moving, we do not practice inflated prices. This allows us to have a high turnover in our stock and to be able to present new objects at each fair. We take care ourselves of the delivery and of follow up with customers in case of any problems with objects sold. Most of our buyers are Belgian and foreign individuals, but also museums ( MRAH - Mons Museum - Museum Groesbeeck de Croix in Namur - Sterckshof in Antwerp).

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